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Top 10 Renowned Breeders and Their Champions

Sabong isn’t merely a sport; it’s a fusion of art, science, and tradition. This realm is populated by breeders, each shaping the game with their unique approaches. Here’s a tribute to ten of these legends.

1. Benny Maglalang: The Maestro of Luzon

Bio: A third-generation breeder from Pampanga, Benny inherited the love for Sabong from his grandfather. With a degree in animal science, he harmoniously combines traditional wisdom with modern breeding techniques.

Breeding Philosophy: An advocate for holistic development, ensuring physical, mental, and emotional conditioning of the roosters.

Champion: “Magsikap”, a Sweater rooster that not only boasts strength but also showcases intelligence in the ring. Known for its signature dodge and counter-attack.


2. Lourdes “Lulu” Pineda: Feminine Force in the Arena

Bio: From Cebu, Lulu entered the Sabong world against societal norms. Initially starting as a spectator, her passion led her to become one of the most respected breeders.

Breeding Philosophy: Emphasizes adaptability, allowing her roosters to be versatile in the ring against different opponents.

Champion: “La Reyna”, a Kelso breed that, aside from its speed, is recognized for its fearless eye-to-eye confrontations.


3. Carlos Dominguez: Master of Genetics

Bio: A biologist turned breeder from Davao, Carlos utilizes scientific principles, especially genetics, to perfect his breeds. He often hosts workshops for budding breeders.

Breeding Philosophy: Prioritizes genetic lineage, meticulously documenting each breeding cycle.

Champion: “El Científico”, a Hatch breed that is a product of eight years of careful genetic selection, known for its power-packed strikes.


4. Rosa Agbayani: Guardian of Traditions

Bio: Rosa, hailing from the mystical Siquijor, is as much a keeper of traditions as she is a breeder. Her farm is a pilgrimage site for Sabong enthusiasts.

Breeding Philosophy: Harmonizing ancestral rituals with contemporary insights, she believes each rooster carries the spirit of its lineage.

Champion: “Ancestor’s Pride”, a blend of native and modern breeds, stands out for its unpredictable, yet highly effective combat techniques.


5. Eduardo “Eddie” Mendoza: The Innovator

Bio: Born and raised in the bustling streets of Manila, Eddie’s urban roots led him to approach Sabong with a fresh perspective, bringing innovations to training regimens.

Breeding Philosophy: Emphasizes experimental methods, constantly iterating based on feedback from the ring.

Champion: “Experimentalist”, a Roundhead rooster, is known for its unorthodox fighting style that keeps opponents guessing.


6. Maria Gutierrez: The Rooster Whisperer

Bio: With a background in animal behavior studies, Maria from Iloilo has a unique approach, emphasizing the emotional well-being of her birds.

Breeding Philosophy: Building deep connections, she often spends nights at the farm, attuning to the roosters’ rhythms.

Champion: “Soul Fighter”, a Hatch breed, has a calm demeanor but displays explosive energy when challenged.


7. Dante Villanueva: Cockpit Strategist

Bio: Dante, a retired military strategist from Batangas, applies his understanding of warfare tactics to Sabong.

Breeding Philosophy: Training roosters to think two steps ahead, emphasizing mental agility.

Champion: “Mastermind”, an Asil breed, stands out for its calculated moves, often trapping opponents in tight spots.


8. Amara Santos: Maven of Endurance

Bio: An endurance athlete from Palawan, Amara emphasizes stamina in her roosters, inspired by her marathon runs.

Breeding Philosophy: Long training sessions aimed at building resilience and stamina.

Champion: “Marathoner”, a Sweater breed, is known to outlast adversaries, often winning in extended bouts.


9. Ricardo Ocampo: Legacy Builder

Bio: Ricardo, a historian from Negros Occidental, is passionate about Sabong’s historical significance, preserving and enhancing pure traditional breeds.

Breeding Philosophy: Prioritizes breeds that have a rich history, maintaining their original characteristics.

Champion: “Heritage”, a Black Red rooster, is a symbol of purity and tradition, displaying moves passed down generations.


10. Felipe Alonzo: The Sabong Virtuoso

Bio: Felipe, a music teacher from Bohol, sees Sabong as an orchestra, where each move is a note that contributes to the rhythm of the battle.

Breeding Philosophy: Harmonizing physical prowess with mental agility, creating a balanced combatant.

Champion: “Maestro”, a Warhorse breed, displays a dance-like fighting style, fluid yet impactful.


The Sabong arena is an intricate tapestry woven with tales of passion, perseverance, and unparalleled skill. These breeders, with their exceptional roosters, represent more than just the sport’s competitive edge; they embody its very soul. Through their stories, one can glean the rich legacy of Sabong, a tradition that has evolved over time yet remains deeply anchored in the heart of the Philippines. As we celebrate these luminaries, we’re reminded of the beauty and depth of this age-old art, ensuring that its legacy will endure for generations to come.

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